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About GenieBro

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What is GenieBro?

GenieBro.com is a place where you can exchange or give the things for free.

Those who are in a need can contact the members who listed the items in GenieBro and collect the same.

We[ GenieBro] want to make the earth clean by reusing the stuffs instead of landfill. Check about us for more info.

Happy Giving!! Become GenieBro!!

Does it cost anything to use GenieBro?

No it doesn’t cost anything… we want to save earth.

GenieBro is a free website that allows members to give, receive and exchange items that people no longer need or use in their homes and businesses.

Can others see my personal details?

GenieBro does not share your personal details on the site with other members or any other parties.

Members who use GenieBro will only be able to see:

  1. - Your chosen username
  2. - Your registered location.

We recommend that all correspondence between GenieBro members be managed via My Messages in your own My Account section which is set-up when you register as a member on the GenieBro website.

You may personally disclose a pick-up address or contact number, should your choose, via My Messages, however we strongly encourage you not to put this information in the description of your listing.

For further advice on keeping safe, click here and our privacy policy can be viewed by clicking here.

How do I report an inappropriate listing?

Use the link “Something not quite right? Report it here” in the item info.

You can use this link to send us your concerns and we will take the appropriate action where required.

Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Click the headings below for our most popular questions.

How do I edit a listing?

To edit a listing go to:

My Account > My Activity > Stuff I'm Giving Away.

You can edit descriptions by clicking on the "Edit Listing" link.

Can I add more than one image?

Yes. You can add up to 3 images for each giving listing.

How do I stop GenieBro email from going to Junk Mail?

If GenieBro emails are arriving in your junk mail you can “white list” the email to ensure it’s not marked as junk.

This article https://www.whatcounts.com/how-to-whitelist-emails/ will give you step by step instructions on how to fix the issue, eg. Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail.

How do I list stuf to give away on GenieBro?

The easiest way to list is by using your smart phone.

  1. Signup
  2. Follow the instructions in signup.
  3. Check your email and click on the “confirm account” link.
  4. Login.
  5. Click on the “Give things Now” button at the top of the page.
  6. Follow the instructions. You can add up to 3 images.

Does GenieBro have phone support?

No. You can contact us via Contact Us form.

Log-in and Sign-up information

Click the headings below for help with login and sign-up.

I have not received my email confirmation

You should receive a confirmation email from GenieBro within a few minutes of signing up. Confirmation emails may be filtered directly into your email program’s spam or junk mail folder, so please check there too.

If the confirmation email is not in your junk mail, try adding the email address noreply@Geniebro.com to your safe sender list or address book.

Once you have done this, follow these steps:

  1. Request confirmation email again.
  2. To do this, try to login with your chosen username and password. You will get a message saying you haven’t confirmed your account and there will be a link you can click to have the email confirmation resent to you. Click on this link.

  3. Make sure you entered a valid email address.
  4. eg. You may have written @gmail.com.in instead of @gmail.com. If you believe this may have happened, please try signing up again. (Note: You will need to choose a new username to do this)

  5. Try signing up using an alternative email account.
  6. If you don’t there are many free email providers such as GoogleMail or Yahoo which allow you to quickly set up a new account.

  7. Contact Us.
  8. If you have tried all these steps and still cannot confirm your account, please contact through contactus form and ask us to manually confirm your account. Please note that it could take some time for your account to be approved manually.

I can’t login / sign-up issues

Having problems logging in?

Please check you have done the following before contacting support .

  1. Is your account confirmed?
  2. When you signup, a confirmation email is sent to your email account to confirm that you want to become a member.

    If you didn’t receive an email, please check in your junk or spam folder.

    Some mail programs, like Outlook, may block links, so it may be necessary to allow links to be shown to confirm your account.

  3. Do you have uppercase and lowercase letters in your username of password?
  4. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Check your welcome email for the username and password you signed up with. Check to see if you have used capital letters anywhere and make sure you enter the details exactly as they appear in that email.

  5. Still can’t sign in? Reset your password
  6. You may reset your password by clicking the “forgotten your login details?” under the “password” field on the login page.

  7. Still can’t get in?
  8. Use the GenieBro contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours (usually sooner)

    To make the process quicker, please let us know if you are using a Mac or PC and what browser and version you are using, eg. Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 8.

    We’ll try to resolve your issue as soon as we can.

I’ve forgotten my password

To reset your password:

  1. Click the “log in” button
  2. Under the “password” field click on the forgotten your login details? link
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click “send details”

Note: If you are still having problems logging in, please try clearing your cache and cookies and then try entering the re-supplied password.

How to update or change your password

  1. Login to GenieBro
  2. Click on the My Account link
  3. Under the default My Profile tab, click Settings
  4. Scroll down the page to Please enter your new password below if you wish to change it
  5. Enter the new password and confirm it
  6. Click the update button.

Using Geniebro to give away things

Click the headings below for help on giving away stuff on GenieBro.

Can I charge someone for my item?

No. This platform is to exchange or give away.

Can I list animals on GenieBro?

Whilst we originally welcomed people to use GenieBro to help find loving homes for pets that needed them, after considering our member’s comments and consultation with relative organisations, we have come to realise that this was not the best approach regarding responsible pet ownership. Accordingly we have taken the decision to not allow animals of any kind to be listed on GenieBro.

If you have an animal that you can no longer care for or rehouse, please surrender it to an animal shelter to ensure they are looked after and have the best chance of finding a new home.

How do I relist an item?

An email notification will be sent to you with instructions to re-list your items close to their expiry.

To re-list an item:

- Login to My Account

- Go to the I’m Giving tab.

- Select re-list from the Action column.

How do I offer an item to someone?

To offer an item to a member,

- Go to My message

- Click on “Offer item” button

How do I exchange an item to someone?

To Exchange an item to a member,

- Go to My message

- Click on "Exchange item” button

What can I list on GenieBro?

Example of things you can list on GenieBro:

Art, Antiques & Collectables, Automotive, Baby Care, Books / Magazines, Building Materials, Clothing, Shoes, Computers, Craft, Electronics, Movies / Music DVD’s, Musical Instruments, Office / Stationery, Outdoor / Garden items, Pets supplies, Sport / Exercise Tools, Toys / Hobbies Whitegoods.

Please note: When listing baby items such as car seats, please make sure they comply with Safety Standards and are no more than 10 years old.

It's also a good idea ,when providing details about an item you would like to give away, to mention if the item is broken or requires repair within the details section of your listing.

What can't be listed on GenieBro?

While the list of items you can list on GenieBro is comprehensive, there are a number of areas that are absolutely unacceptable for listing on GenieBro.

  1. animals and pets
  2. pornographic goods
  3. drugs and drug paraphernalia
  4. tobacco
  5. weapons
  6. ammunition
  7. explosives
  8. fireworks
  9. hazardous chemical, biological and radioactive materials
  10. animal products
  11. birth certificates
  12. drivers licenses
  13. passports
  14. official uniforms
  15. goods that are religiously, sexually, racially or in any other way offensive
  16. any item that infringes any rights (including intellectual property rights)
  17. submission of any material to GenieBro which is likely to be considered by some or all users of our website, or by a reasonable proportion of members of the public, as offensive, inflammatory, libellous or degrading.

Listings advertising online stores, websites, services, use of skill and personal time are also not allowed. These listings will be removed.

Does the first person to request my item automatically get it?

No, on GenieBro many people can request an item and you get to choose who the recipient will be.

Generally, we ask listers to keep their received item requests on file until collection has been made, just in case the first transaction falls through – thus enabling the item to be offered again to interested parties.

What happens if someone doesn’t collect an item?

Unfortunately there may be occasions when you don’t hear back from somebody who has requested an item or they fail to collect it.

If a member is unable to collect the item, you are able to Withdraw the offer in the Stuff I’m Giving Away section located under My Activity.

A message will be sent to the member who requested the item notifying them that the offer has been withdrawn.

You will then be able to offer the item to another member.

How do I list something to give away?

To list something to give away:

  1. First sign-up as a member of the GenieBro Community, it's Free!
  2. Click the Join Now link at the top right of any page on a desktop computer, or top left on a mobile device.

  3. After you have signed up and confirmed your account, click the the List for Free button at the top right of the page.
  4. Follow the prompts and give your listing a title and description. You can then assign a category and upload or take a photo.
  5. Click the GenieBro It button to finalise your listing.

Note: While we are updating our image upload functionality, we suggest using the app Layout for iPhone and Android if you wish to show more than one image of your item.

How do I remove a listing from GenieBro after it's collected

To remove an item you have listed on GenieBro go to:

  1. - My Account
  2. - Click on My Activity > Stuff I’m Giving Away
  3. - Click on the Mark as Collected button

To delete your listing from My Account entirely, click on the button Delete Listing.

Using GenieBro to find FREE Stuff

Click the headings below for help.

How do I request stuff for free on GenieBro?

To request an item being given away for free:

  1. Sign-up / Login to your account.
  2. Browse to item you are interested and click the image to view more details about the item.
  3. Click the Request Item button.
  4. A request form will appear which asks you to fill in a few quick questions, including why you want the item and when you can collect it.
  5. Complete these questions and select the submit icon and these details will be sent directly to the lister.

    Please note that more than one member may request an item and it is at the listers discretion who they decide to give the item to.

How do I change the area I'm searching in?

To change the area you are searching in:

  1. Go to the top of your page to the search area.
  2. In the Apartment / Street / Area / City field, start typing your Apartment / Street / Area / City. A list should appear with Apartment / Street / Area / City recommendations. Select yours from the list.
  3. From the radius option, select how far away you are willing to drive from your Apartment / Street / Area / City. The options are: 2km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 30km, 40 km, 50km.
  4. Click the button with the magnifying glass to complete your search.

Questions about Feedback & Scores

Click the headings below for more information

How does feedback work?

After an item has been marked as collected, each member is given the opportunity to leave feedback.

Where can I view feedback?

To view your own feedback

My Profile-> My Feedback.

To view a members feedback who is giving away an item:

You can click on the View Feeback link in the right hand column on any listing page.

To view a members feedback who has requested your item:

In My Account under My Activity - Stuff I am Giving Away, click the Member Feeback button.

Why Does My Given / Re-Use/ Exchange Score Still Say 0?

For your score to be counted the item must be officially Marked as Collected. The giver or receiver can do this from My Account.

Contacting GenieBro

Click the headings below for more information

How do I report a bug?

To report a bug

Please send us a message via our Contact Us form

How do I contact GenieBro?

Contacting GenieBro

Please send us a message via our contact form

How do I suggest a feature

Feature Requests

To suggest a feature, let us know here.

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