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About GenieBro

About GenieBro

What is GenieBro?
We[ GenieBro] want to make the earth clean by reusing the stuffs instead of landfill.
GenieBro.com is a place where you can exchange or give the things for free.
Those who are in a need can contact the members who listed the items in GenieBro and collect the same.

Some of the examples,

  1. Share your School / College books for free in GenieBro.
  2. Exchange your bigger screen phone with Smaller screen phone.
  3. Share your old cooker for the needy.
  4. Exchange the story books.
  5. Share your unused Shoes / Slipper to the one who walks barefoot.
  6. Exchange the game CD’s.
  7. Share your old cricket bat with the kids in need.
How does Geniebro work?
  1. Snap a photo with your smart phone and write a description.
  2. Pick someone to give it to.
  3. Ready for collection, Share or Exchange it.
What is your responsibility?

Make sure you are meeting the person at the safe place for the exchange or give away. We [GenieBro] can’t take any responsibility of the safety concerns during meeting.

Our member base quickly expanding across India, Many items listed on Geniebro are requested within minutes, so no more waiting!!

Happy Giving!! Become GenieBro!!

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